Medix21 Store


Medix 21 Limited prides itself on supplying products of the highest quality and products that arefree of material and workmanship defaults.  However,  at times products do have problems and we wish to deal with these as efficiently as possible with the least impact on the purchaser.

If a product you have purchased from Medix 21 Limited presents with a problem, please contact our team via or call 0800 Medix 21 (0800 6334921) to discuss the issue.

Our Customer Support Team will provide you with a warranty claim form that must be completed.

Prior to returning a product that you feel is covered under warranty terms please gain authorisation to return for replacement or repair.

Unfortunately, warranties do not apply when products have been damaged because they may have been subjected to abuse or abnormal wear and tear.  Warranties also do not apply when products have not been used as intended or when unapproved modifications have been made to them.

Please refer to individual product warranty conditions and warranty timeframes as set by the manufacturer, if in doubt please contact our support team to provide assistance.